For more info, contact Dr. Naji Chamieh
Research and Development at Hariri Canadian University
Senior Environmental Advisor at SES, Dr. Naji Chamieh, has initiated the development of a sustainable tree drip irrigation system that operates on solar energy, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hariri Canadian University (HCU). Dr. Chamieh presented the concept of the Thermo-Electric Water Dripper to the students, who would develop a working prototype as part of their senior project. This would provide an opportunity for the students to develop their creativity and practical applications skills in environment and energy sustainable products with significant application benefits.

Forward Osmosis
According to Lux Research, the world's water needs are expected to grow 40 percent by 2030, and today's stressed water resources and systems are unsustainable. Water cultivation systems are expected to see market growth from $522 billion in 2007 to nearly $1 trillion in 2020. SES is committed to assist its partners in the US in the development of large scale Forward Osmosis Process Plants in the Middle-east. Traditional thermal desalination and reverse osmosis desalination processes require more energy than the forward osmosis process. If you are interested in being a partner in this domain kindly contact SES to inquire how you could contribute in promoting this new technology.

Sustainable Environmental Transport
The transport sector is one of the most polluting sectors contributing to high levels of green house gases and toxic fumes. Lawmakers and engineers have failed to provide the optimal solutions to mitigate this problem. Dr. Chamieh presented in the year 2000 a technological solution that could alleviate the transport system in major cities. Some of the solutions presented in the paper have started to be implemented. For Lebanon in particular, SES is currently preparing a macro-financial concept paper that will be presented to the government of Lebanon that could greatly resolve the public transport system.

Energy Efficiency
There are three ways to resolve our energy crisis, one by changing our behavior on how we perceive natural resource, two by producing more energy from clean sources such as renewable energy, and by technological improvements of the daily tools we use everyday in our life such as appliances, lights, cars, etc. in a way to make them more energy efficient. SES is currently designing new consumer products that would respond to our environmental and sustainable needs. It is very possible for humans to maintain their level of comfort without damaging our precious environment. SES is committed to push current technologies to their optimal level of performance.